Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Before and After Public School Day 1

I had a horrible night's sleep, nightmares about trusting people I don't know.  This is not going to be easy, handing my two precious bundles to strangers who I am supposed to trust just because they are part of the government.

Well, their uniforms are all ironed, they have worn their shoes for short stretches (that reminds me, pack them both some band aids!), lunch boxes are in the fridge packed, water bottles in the freezer chilling and now we need to have breakfast, get faces clean and hair respectable, and put it altogether before 8.45.

Why am I writing a blog instead of getting going?  Because the baby still likes his morning moo and it is not worth his or my stress levels to rush him.

1pm update
Well the boys got settled fairly easily.  No tears, just a quick kiss and off they went.  It is awfully quiet at home with only 2 boys and 1 of them on the computer playing.  It was even quieter when the youngest decided to have a middle of the day sleep for an hour.

This is going to be very interesting, working to someone else's timetable.  But then again it could be very useful because as homeschoolers we haven't really had much of a sense of urgency about anything regularly.

I will start the teenager on his school next Monday, once the dust has settled and things are happening more smoothly with getting to school.

8pm update
Jack said it was a fun day although I think now after gymnastics as well that he may be a bit tired.  I don't know if it was timing or the speed my boys eat at but they didn't have long to eat lunch before going to play.  Lunchboxes came home with a lot still in them.  Of course, it could have also been a panicking mum worrying about my kids starving and packing too much.  lol  Anyway on Grandma's suggestion they have finished off their lunch boxes this afternoon.

Jack (my 10 year old) knows someone in his class from another activity.  I don't think Harry (7) has made any friends yet, but he is my shy one who really doesn't mind playing on his own either.  He has always been that way, even as a toddler.  I would quite often panic because I couldn't hear him when he was about 1.5/2 years old and then find him quietly playing by himself in the sandpit or with a pile of rocks.  So cute!  And not very demanding after the Aspie and the jumping kid!

I am gradually figuring things out like where to meet them for pick up and what "toys" are allowed.  There seems to be a lot of restrictions but the boys will learn.  I guess it is like visiting at someone else's house and having to learn the house rules.

Well, got to wrangle some boys to bed for a story.  Why does cleaning teeth take so long?

Best wishes


  1. All the best for this transition. It's so heart wrenching trying to do your best for your kids and make the best decisions for them...if only we could see the end result and know if our choice works out well for them(homeschool, not homeschool, both options have pros and cons.I hope your days (and emotions!) settle down soon and school brings good things for your family.xx

  2. I was thinking about you and others whose previously homeschooled kids started at 'not home' school today. Glad it seems to have started well :)

  3. Well done for lovingly supporting your kids through the transition. When I went back to school after hs it was coming home to a loving mum and space to relax and digest the days that really helped:)
    All the best

  4. Hey Jen, well done you, were there any tears on your end? It's always hard letting them go, and the next few weeks will be hard on them too. Don't panic the first time they leave home in tears, or say they don't like it.. the learning curve is so steep that a quiet day at home with no challenges starts to look very attractive. Having said that, I always offered 'mental health' days, no more than one a month for the first year, now one a term for anyone who wants one. Only have one child who takes me up on that. But it is hard seeing them go out the door just overwhelmed after the first couple of days. Lucky them to have a lovely mum to come home to. All the best wishes...

    1. No tears here yet. From anyone! The mums I am meeting at the school are very nice. And I think I have found some ways I can be involved. The uniform shop and the canteen need volunteers. What the whole school experience be without tuckshop? lol I have to help to make sure my kids get the chance to buy lunch at school.

      They are tired, but overall so far things are going well. I may keep your suggestion in mind though Jo as they get further along.


  5. You and your boys have done well. Trust it will all settle into a new routine soon.


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