Saturday, January 26, 2013

Creating a Little Oasis in My Dining Room

We went to a garage sale today and bought an old little fish tank.  As soon as I saw it I visualised it filled with plants and in my bookshelves.  Dh thought of fish and I wasn't closed to that idea so we went to the fish shop.  Hmm, not such a great idea!  Quite a lot of money to spend, and because our tank is small it would be very easy to have a dead fish very quickly.

Ok, back to the garden idea! 

And this is what dh and I created.  He is the more creative one and I really like how he set it out. 

And this is how it sits in my shelves. 

My bookshelves are certainly looking a lot less boring.

Best wishes

(Yes that is Pollyanna on the shelf next to the tank.  It is our read aloud that I refound after unpacking all the books.)

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