Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Perfectionism and Procrastination

It must be that thing where you don't see pregnant ladies and babies in prams until you are pregnant yourself. 

Lately, with this whole "boys going to school, I failed at homeschool" thing happening in my head I have come across these two posts about goals and action.


I think I may getting some idea of why I feel I failed at homeschooling.  This is going to be an intense year mentally.  I can just tell!

Best wishes


  1. I really enjoyed those articles Jen. I'm also a procrastinator, and have used some of those strategies to get by.
    Perfectionism is such a curse, isn't it. Sometimes my brain is telling me, 'If you can't do this perfectly, then don't even start it.'
    One of the most efficient women I know is terribly slapdash, but she gets through an enormous amount, because she just does it, and doesn't care if it's not perfect. I am working on letting myself not do things perfectly.

  2. Jo, I sort of had this crazy idea. If I like to be graded and want to aim for perfect all the time then why don't I make my own type of report card. I have put my top 5 items on it. I was happy at school with an 80% mark so I could just aim for that over a week's tracking and give myself a report card at the end of the week.

    I just think the whole gritting your teeth to change your way of thinking could be a bit hard. Why not just work with my need for "grading/kudos/'perfection'" and create my own system of "grading"? lol

    Best wishes


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