Sunday, June 19, 2011

Random parenting bits

Some idle thoughts:

* Never buy a snack or treat for your child that you wouldn't eat yourself as they will probably want to swap or share.

* Even if you never use cloth nappies on a bottom they are still a very useful item to buy at least one dozen of.

* Train your kids to drink water and only water when you are out and about.

* In the car store spoons and plastic cups so that if you do need to stop for a snack you can buy a tub of yoghurt or icecream and share it around.

* Give your child responsibility from a very young age for at least one part of their wardrobe so that you have one less thing to find and put on before leaving the house. In my case it is shoes and jackets.

* Train your children that when you are out shopping it is their job to keep up with and follow you, not your responsibility to follow them and make sure they are all with you at all times. Of course, I still look out for all my little duckies, but I make sure they realise I will not slow down to allow little people to dawdle. It is up to them to keep up with me.

* Never go grocery shopping with the expectation of only taking a set amount of time. Be relaxed and enjoy your children, don't scream at them all the way through the aisles.

* If they bring you something say Wow, or something suitably positive and then very firmly say Put it back. Don't accept anything else except obedience. Put it back is learnt in my family by 12 months old. It makes life a lot easier.

* Buy cutlery and crockery from restaurant supply stores. Buy pieces that will not go out of style for a long time. I don't panic about broken plates, or bent spoons, because I know a replacement is easily bought. Admittedly I am one of those people who loves the "calm" of matching crockery. If you like a mixture of pieces in a few styles then ignore this bit of advice.

* If a dish gets broken always remember to smile at your child first. Tell them they are ok and that we all make mistakes. Then teach them how to clean up, even if it is only to go put on shoes and collect the dust pan and brush. You are allowed to be sad, but don't be angry.

I am a great believer in teaching by example how to deal with problems in life. In my experience it is not much point in getting overly emotional. Sure, life gets my goat sometimes, but if there is something I can do then I do it and do it now! And cleaning up is much more effective in the long run than a whole bunch of tears or yelling. I would hope that my children will see that accidents are a reason for action, not for being emotional and getting "stuck" in the moment. We need to take responsibility for what we can control and do what we can. Let the rest take care of itself.

I offer this advice because this is the stuff I usually get right. There is an awful lot more that I don't get "right". Maybe there should be another list of what not to do in my experience. lol Keep your eyes out!

Best wishes

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  1. This is a great post, Jen. Some fantastic little tips for families with children. I love your honesty, too :)


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