Friday, June 10, 2011

A winter bedding tip!

I have 2 wrigglers who always seem to wake up in the morning curled in a feotal position trying to be warm while all their blankets dangle off the side of the bed. As a kid I slept in a sleeping bag and thought this may solve the problem of the disappearing blankets. Well, due to having a bedwetter and typically dirty boys if baths are missed means that sleeping bags are out of the question. Just not washable or machine dryable like I need.

Funnily enough at the camping store the guy came up with a great tip. His mum was a foster mum and she had this trick. Bottom sheets are fitted single bed sheets and the top bedding is double bed sheets and blankets that tuck all the way under the mattress, creating a nice snug cocoon that doesn't unravel easily. I don't have double bed linen but for my littler guys I just tucked the single bed top sheet and a thinner blanket the normal way but then tucked a lovely thick single blanket across the top of the sleeping area.

Both boys slept well, and even though my bed wetter still wet his bed, he was happy with the snuggly cocoon bed. And still easy enough to do the washing as it was only my normal linen, just used differently.

Try it, it worked.

Best wishes
Jen in Oz


  1. Sounds great! Tas is young enough that I have him in a sleep sack (like sleeved sleeping bag) - which is totally washable. Plus it keeps him from trying to climb his way out of his crib...

  2. What a great idea. I had a bed wetter until seven or eight and wintertime was the worse. I was so pleased when he finally grew out of it.

  3. Great idea! we are doing something similar this year with my 7 yr old dd. We used a column oil heater all these years so her room remained warm as she used to wriggle out from under her quilt etc. This year we got some of our queen size blankets and wrapped them around the bed like you did and she is nice and snug and warm all night now and we don't need to use the heater much anymore. Actually we came up with this idea out of necessity as our electricity bill like others is skyrocketing and we wanted to cut down:0


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