Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Making change easier on your family

I am looking around a lot at ways to make changes in my family.  I am not happy with some of the habits we have such as late bed times, irregular meals, and general lack of order.  In the past I have been overwhelmed by the resistance I get when I try to change things around here so I thought it was time to learn how to best to implement changes successfully.  

Most of my searching is coming up with corporate solutions but then I realised that the dynamics in a family can be quite similar.

This quote below I found in an article on a business site about the resistance that we get from subordinates when we try to change things and how to implement major changes more effectively.

Anytime we are interesting in introducing any major change, there are three things we must do:
    1. Solicit support from the people who will be affected by the change thereby getting them "on board."
   2. Train them effectively (in terms the staff will understand).
   3.  Follow-up and support the people until the change becomes a natural part of the culture. 
 By doing so, we set at ease concerns people have about the merit of the change. If this is not done, people will either ignore the change, or even worse, deliberately sabotage it.
 Implement as much change as the people affected can assimilate. Too much change may be too difficult for people to cope with. In this event, stage your changes over times. Always remember, "You eat elephants one spoonful at a time."
The advice I am finding is helping me to know how to go about changing things in my family.  Sure, it won't be easy, but if I can get the older ones to "buy into" the vision I have for my family and how much better it will be for all of us then I will be happy.

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  1. I'm right at this stage now, often after pregnancy I realise many habits have slipped. So now we are striving to work on our Healthy Habits. trying a tick box chart.

  2. Good tips there we can borrow from the corporate world:) it's amazing how we need to keep re-enforcing good habits! I am also in dire need of working on some good habits here lol!


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