Friday, June 3, 2011

A boy place in my backyard

Last weekend my dh pruned a lot of the trees in our backyard.  Considering that we live on a 1/4 acre block and have 2 orange trees, 2 mango trees, a jacaranda, 2 crepe myrtles, a pecan tree, a lilly pilly, a crabapple? tree, a maple of some sort and an orange blossom bush there are definitely a lot of trees to prune.  Needless to say my backyard is a pile of branches, large and small, that will be taken to our green waste disposal over the next few weeks in a multitude of trips with a large trailer.

The crabapple? tree had a prime place in it for a tree house and this morning my eldest and I manouvered a pallet collected from a roadside over a branch in the middle and pushed it down to create a mostly level platform.  Instant tree house!

We still need to tie down one edge to stop it tipping but my eldest is very impressed.  He looks forward to hiding out there with a game.  Yup, when told to go out to get fresh air and exercise he takes an electronic game.  Not quite meeting my goal of exercise.  Oh well!

Best wishes

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  1. haha...a boy after my oldest boy's own heart! He looooves sitting in our "treehouse" with his DS. I count it as Math, Reading, Reasoning, etc... ;)

    raising little rhodies


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