Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Menu Plan Monday

A friend of a friend started a linky for this and Mondays are a good day for me to post my menu plan.  In fact posting my menu plan on a Monday is a good plan.  I consistently lose my handwritten menu plans amongst the many other pieces of paper in a homeschooling mother's life.  And by Monday I have usually made a plan out of what I bought on special at the supermarket over the weekend.

This week's menu plan (which by the way is not usually this detailed, but I am trying to get my whole family eating healthier so we are planning all meals and snacks):

B - Apple muffins, yoghurt or cereal
MT - Carrot and chickpea dip, Beetroot dip, Crackers
L - Pumpkin, Chicken, Cous cous salad
AT - Choc chip biscuits and milk
D - Spaghetti and Garlic Bread

B - Date muffins, yoghurt or cereal
MT - Apple/Pineapple
L - big one due to busy night, Mince and Pumpkin Risotto
AT - Crackers, dips and cheese
D -  Chicken wraps, premade to eat in car while toing and froing

B - Banana muffins, yoghurt or cereal
MT - Fruit salad, banana, grapes, orange
L - Mini quiches pg 146 CSIRO kids
AT - Cheesy Vegie Muffin pg 149 CSIRO kids
D - Butter Chicken Crockpot, Jasmine rice

B - Leftover muffins, tinned fruit, yoghurt or cereal
MT - Grapes
L - Wraps - salad and salmon or cold meat
AT - Banana cake and milk
D - Devilled Sausages, Potato Mash and steamed vegies

B - Porridge with berries or leftover muffins
MT - Tinned fruit
L - Leftovers in Jaffles
AT - dried fruit and mixed nuts (almonds, pistachios and peanuts)
D - Sweet and Sour Chicken with jasmine rice

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  1. Thanks for playing Jen! It's great to find new blogs and even more great to find new meal ideas! Vic xx


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