Monday, February 14, 2011

How much snack for your dollar? - Grapes vs Chocolate

Menindee Grapes
Serving size:  100g or 1/2 cup

Energy:  100g of grapes has 250-350 kJ (


In this case Cadbury Bar of Plenty Roast Hazelnut and Honey Roast Cashews
$2.97 for 190g or $15.63/kg

Serving size:  25g

Energy: 25g (or approx 2 large squares) has 573 kJ

Grapes $0.40 per 100g serve, 250-350 kJ per serve
Chocolate with nuts $0.39 per 25g serve, 573 kJ per serve

Hmm, cost per serve looks good but man, oh man, look at that serving size vs kJ.  Hmm, I wonder which one I am more likely to stop at that one serve mark.  I mean, who stops at just 2 squares of chocolate?

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  1. And that is exactly right...who can stop at just 2 serves of chocolate!


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