Friday, February 18, 2011

Making my school room more "schooly"

I have been making our school room more "schooly".  I have one kid with Aspergers and I have read that using visual reminders can really help them.

Considering that it can't be a bad idea for other kids either I have decided to hang up 3 posters related to our hand writing program.  In one corner I have also added a history timeline poster (which as I understand it is no longer in print... more info to come hopefully).

Today I put the final polishes on a calendar page that will be attached to a white board that will be hung down low on a school room wall.

On this white board I will also be putting an envelope for each child with a morning letter in it.  I hope to give them some little assignments that can be a fun way to use up spare time while waiting for school to get started.

Best wishes

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