Friday, February 25, 2011

A long day on a HSIE excursion

Yesterday I decided it would be great fun for the kids if we went on an excursion using public transport.  I thought we could get from our home in a smallish town directly to the bay area east of us.  Oh boy, was I wrong!

We had to take a train first down to the nearest city, 3/4 hour trip,  then wait 3/4 hour for a connecting bus out to the bay which wriggled around so much on its route that we took 2 hours to get to the bay.  Overall we left our town at 2.45pm and got to the bay about 6.15pm.  Believe me this whole experience would have been a whole lot easier in my old home town of Brisbane.

To drive directly from my home to the bay would have only taken 3/4 hour to 1 hour.   I think next time our excursions will be car-based.

Well, I guess we know what public transport is about.  And about reading time tables and paying fares.

HSIE - tick!  And never again.

Best wishes


  1. oh gosh what an adventure...for all the good public transport does sometimes it is just too painful isn't it!

  2. So if you got there at 6pm. Did you then have to use the public transport through the night to get home?!!! My mind is boggling.

    We did a similar excursion idea but one transport system at a time and in small doses. One day we drove to Southbank, parked and took a train several stops north, got off and waited on the platform for the return train south.

    Another time we took a ferry down the river and back.

    Actually I don't think we've taken a bus ride. Not sure I'm too keen though.

    But you're right. It is easier in Brisbane.

  3. Tracey, thankfully DH came and collected us. As for a bus excursion in Brisbane try the Great Circle Line. It will take you quite a way around Brisbane in a large circuit, stopping mostly at the major shopping centres and if you're lucky you will get on a bendy bus. Lots of fun for active little boys! Or you could catch a bus to the University of Qld. I love browsing their old books. Just love the smell.


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