Friday, January 28, 2011

Resources for 2011 School Year

In Australia I start my school year in February and go to mid-December.  This year I have a 12 year old (Year 7), a 9 year old (Year 4), a 6 year old (Year 1) and a toddler turning 3 mid year.  And the fun begins!

Language Arts
* The Ordinary Parent's Guide to Teaching Reading by Jessie Wise and Sara Buffington – everyone is using this at different stages
* Fitzroy Readers 1-10 and 1x-10x with the associated workbooks for my 5 (almost 6yo) and my 8 (almost 9yo)
* First Language Lessons for the Well-Trained Mind, Levels 1 + 2 by Jessie Wise – everyone using at different stages
* Sequential Spelling Level 1 (180 tests) – for my 12yo who was a late starter on reading but is doing really well with this
* Writing with Ease: Strong Fundamentals by Susan Wise Bauer (WWE) – for my 12yo and my 8yo will be starting it very shortly
* Zaner-Bloser printing books for each child
* Memorising of quotes from scripture and great literature as a family

* Singapore Primary Mathematics 3B onwards for my 12yo (yes he has delays due to learning difficulties), 2A onwards for my 8yo, 1A for my 5yo (who is really getting into this school thing)
* discussions of mathematical concepts during every day life including measuring, estimating, fractions, interest, money, etc
* game playing such as cards, snakes and ladders, board games like Monopoly and Cashflow for Kids
* Building Thinking Skills Primary  -everyone at different stages
* Can You Find Me?  Books 1 and 2 – everyone at different stages
* Developing the Early Learner Books – everyone at different stages
* Visual Perceptual Skill Building Books – everyone at different stages

* Sonlight Science 5 schedule, will cover Human Body in depth for 12yo
* God’s Design for Life – The Human Body, The World of Plants, The Animal Kingdom for the 5yo and 8yo

* Sonlight Core 6 World History Part 1, Ancient times to Martin Luther
* Story of the World Volume 1 Ancient Times for the younger ones with activities from the Activity Guide
* Janette’s Pictures of Australian History and Time Line Figures by Janette Casey Ingham
* Australia…..   The Wide Brown Land For Me! by Adnil Press 38 lessons
* The Australian History Collection presented by Bryce Courtenay

* Sonlight Core 6 World History Part 1, Ancient times to Martin Luther
* Heinemann Atlas and workbook for 12yo and 8yo
* use Atlas to identify locations of our international friends and from the stories read aloud

* Story of the Orchestra by Robert Levine with accompanying CD of music tracks 31 lessons
* regular exposure to many music types (Jazz, Classical, Pop, Rock, Heavy Metal) (my dh is more of the first two and I am more of the last two)
* field trips to live performances
* Classics for Kids internet site – lesson plans with activities designed for primary age children

* free access to many mediums
* craft activities associated with history curriculum
* craft activities at Bunnings Warehouse as appropriate
* The Art Treasury by Rosie Dickens, Usborne
* field trips to art exhibitions and public galleries
* The Children’s Book of Art by Rosie Dickens, Usborne
* various resources of great art collected from relatives

* extra dress up materials in conjunction with those created with history curriculum for acting out events from history
* puppet theatre for use with finger puppets, sock puppets and cardboard puppets created by children
* field trips to live performances

Physical Education
* daily walk and ball play at local park in good weather
* participate in PCYC activities as suits interests and family (12yo currently doing archery, 8yo currently doing competitive gymnastics and 5yo doing Boy's Legion)
* open discussion of health issues, the value of good food choices and healthy activity in a balanced life

Religion, Cultures and Character Development
* Grapevine Old Testament Overview 98 lessons
* The Meaning of Christmas Unit Study 20 lessons
* open discussions of the religions, both ancient and modern of the cultures covered in history
* Character First covering 9 character traits

Best wishes


  1. Sounds like a great year ahead for you all. :-)

    Thanks for adding the Oz Homeschool Bloggers Button, your link isn't showing in the list though. Did you have any problems adding it?

  2. Added now Kylie. Thanks for visiting.


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