Saturday, January 8, 2011

An A to Z of Focus for 2011

Some people think we should try to think of one word to focus on for the year.  I know my word, it keeps popping into my head a lot.  Decisive!

Here is the definition from the free dictionary.
  • de·ci·sive (d-ssv)
    1. Having the power to decide; conclusive.
    2. Characterized by decision and firmness; resolute.
    3. Beyond doubt; unmistakable: a decisive defeat.
Firmness and resolute are the two words that seem to fit the image I have in my mind best of what being decisive means to me.

Anyway, just for fun I decided to think of an alphabet's worth of words to focus on.

A - Act NOW!!!
B - Brave, try new things
C - Connect to family more often
D - Decisive (well d'uh)
E - Exercise more
F - Finish things
G - Grow - keep growing personally
H - Healthy food
I - Investigate better ways to be a homeschooling mum
J - Joy, remember to enjoy the little moments and smile
K - Keep a journal for each child
L - Limit screen time, both for myself and my children
M - Mama, be the best Mama I can be
N - Neat, keep my home and therefore my mind uncluttered
O - Organised, set up routines so our home "flows"
P - Play more games with my children
Q - Quiet time, set aside a quiet time for reflection
R - Read good books to feed my brain
S - Spirit, need to do more for my spiritual life
T - Train my children and myself in better lifestyle choices
U - Understand, always try to understand the perspectives of others
V - Vegetables, lots of them
W - Weight, healthy
X- take eXtreme measures to change, see B
Y - Yawn, get more sleep more often
Z - Zeal, as in enthusiasm, passion, zest, fire, spirit, warmth, devotion, verve, fervour, eagerness, gusto, ardour, earnestness, keenness, fervency

Best wishes

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  1. I love your list! All of those can apply to me if you substitute dogs for children, and I think I'll change I to investigate better ways to teach and entertain Tazzi. I think I'm going to print it out and post it where it can remind me everyday.


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