Monday, January 31, 2011

First day back at school

Well, it didn't all go as smoothly as I would have liked.  There was, and still is, an awful lot of lesson plans to enter into HST+ for this term.  Not having it all there makes scheduling rather difficult.

I did get my eldest's schedule done so he has started back at school.  I was unable to get ds2 or ds3's schedules completed but decided to start them next week.  With them being as young as they are I am willing to go a bit unschooly while necessary.

Part of school today for ds2 and ds3 consisted of unpacking our science experimental cubes (got mine from Jaycar, don't know who else carries them). I have put all the materials in one large box that I am going to put somewhere more accessible.  In reading through the materials I decided on 2 experiments we could do straight away.  We put some some dried yeast and sugar in some water in one test tube, connected it to another test tube filled with water by a clear tube and watched bubbles appear in the water filled test tube.  The kids thought that was great.

The other experiment is under way in our back yard.  We have discussed in the past how there is water in leaves and that we can get water out of them if we dig a hole and put plastic over it with leaves in it and a container under the plastic.  I really wanted to show the kids this experiment as we have at times watched some survival shows.  I want to show them that these survival techniques are "real", not just TV magic.  You just never know when they may need something like this.

Once it cools down a bit (35 deg C here today) we will go check out how much water we got.

Well, I better get on with working on those lesson plans.

Best wishes

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