Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Home School Organising - The Mind Stuff

Homeschooling sometimes needs more mental than physical organising.  Here is the latest list I have made, hopefully covering all those areas that have caused us hiccups last year.

Term Break
- Check that all Lesson Plans in HST+ have all their details entered for the lessons that will be required for the next term
- Photocopy all worksheets needed from all books for the whole term and file in a hanging desktop file holder under subject then in a manila folder with the book title on it
- Make a master list of supplies needed for Science and History and approximate date needed by

Friday Evening
- Tidy all school books back to Term Box for all subjects
- Empty all plastic folders into Term Box
- Schedule next week’s work, working through one child at a time, one subject at a time
- Write up list of photocopies needed and supplies from HST+, check off against work already done at term break, put supply needs on shopping list for weekend
- Tag books from Term Box with post-it notes with day and child marked for the following week and put in my Weekly Box

Night before School Day
- Check work done and post-it tag things that need extra care the next day, put in my Weekly Box to be filed into the child’s plastic folder when that subject is done again
- Mark off all completed work in HST+
- Schedule leftovers from last school day into next school day
- Print the next day’s Task List
- Break list into School Blocks (LA Block 1, Maths Block 2 etc)
- Write up each child’s Block List, then fill plastic folders to match, remembering to add in supplies needed such as lined paper
- Put Block List and plastic folders in each child’s tote and put beside my Weekly Box
- Pull out supplies and if possible put in my Weekly Box
- Sort my Weekly Box so that my copy of the next day’s Task List is at the front and the books are shuffled so that the books I will need the next day are towards the front

School Day
- Craft before Breakfast for crafty children
- After Breakfast and Clean Up do Morning Message Board
- Start all students on Block 1 and try to get through my day with my sanity intact
- 4pm Tidy up school room, each child to make sure their stationery is tidy and ready for the next day, pencils sharpened, erasers and sharpeners located in their pencil case; put craft projects into their School Box for me to file some time

Did that totally confuse you? Sorry!

Best wishes

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