Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Spring Cleaning Take 2 or is that 3?

The great thing about a blog or journal is being able to look back and see what has happened in the past and then knowing how to improve things.

Last year I tried to do my spring cleaning in early September after it had warmed up.  This year I am doing it earlier when it hasn't become fully spring yet, trying to avoid the heavy spring rains that the BOM is predicting for my area, and avoiding the warmth that makes all the grass very happy and me very miserable.

Yesterday I started pulling curtains down to wash them.  It is a little disheartening to clean only the inside of the windows and not have that joy of clean windows outside but it is still too cool to be washing the outside of the house just yet.

 Another job to do before it gets too warm is to weed the front garden beds.  I put down a nice thick layer of mulch but the weeds were persistent, giving me a front garden more full of weeds than flowers.  Nice job to do when the sun is shining on that part of the yard.  Wonder if I can get up early enough to do that this week?!

How is your spring cleaning  going?

Best wishes

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  1. The cleaning part is going well. I'll be cleaning windows again soon, and pressure-cleaning the pavers (it'll be a joy to see bright orange again instead of dull, motley black).

    The decluttering part is driving me crazy though. I'd like a week to spread out all my half-sorted piles of paperwork, complete admin jobs, file things sensibly and dispose of the rest. It seems way too big a job, but I guess the trick is just to start. Again. Trouble is I sort it all into piles, then stack them on each other when my time is up (meals, guests, life). I think I need to start with the end in mind (a system).


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