Friday, August 30, 2013

Colornote and Routines Part 3

Sorry this took a while to get posted.  After the GTC (Great Tablet Crash) of 2013 it has taken some time to get everything flowing again.

In part 1 I explained how I create Colornotes from a Word document on my Samsung Galaxy 7.7 tablet.  Notes can also be created from any sort of text file.  I have sent files to my son's tablet as a text file in an email and he has been able to save them as notes after a little editing.  In part 2 I showed you how I lay out my notes on the screens of my tablet for easy visibility.

In this part I will show you how I use them on a daily basis.  After the GTC I have subtly changed how I lay out the notes on my screens but I still use them in the same way.

Every morning I do my First Things list.  First, of course!  Usually as I sit and ponder if you know what I mean.  It doesn't take me much longer than 5 minutes to quickly change the routine notes, check the weather, check the calender and add any little jobs that I think of to my Next Action list for the week.

I then steadily work through my lists, marking things as done.  There is a big sense of satisifaction when a note is greyed out due to all its items being marked as completed.  Some times I have to mark things off because I realise that they just won't get done.  That is okay!  I just keep moving, prioritising as I go.

At the end of the day I sometimes take a screen shot or two to save in Evernote to have evidence of the good days.  But I usually just take the option of List, Uncheck all items, and I am ready to go again for the next day.

If I need to change the plans for the day I will put in an extra item like this,  "~~~Doctor's Appointment~~~" and cross off any items that will need to be dropped for the day so I can make the appointment.  At the end of the day I delete the special bit/s and uncheck all the other items again.

Big Tip:  Do not use the sort by status option for routine notes.  It will mess up the order you do things in and you will have to reshuffle it all again for the next use.  I do use the sort by status option on task lists so that the completed items drop to the bottom but then again I won't be reusing them and it keeps the top of the list uncluttered by complete items, leaving only the ones I still need to action.

I also have the week's cleaning laid out on one screen.  I try to work my way through the list by the day I usually do that room but sometimes I do things out of order.  I generally don't uncheck these lists until the next time they come up in my 4 weekly rotation.  That way I know what has been done recently and I can prioritise tasks that keep dropping off the list.

So there you go!  It all takes quite some time to set up but once I have it sorted it doesn't take much to tweak it for seasonal changes or a house move.  Or just the little day to day speed bumps in the path of the day.  :-)

Best wishes

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