Friday, August 9, 2013

Sorting out those horrible sinuses!

I vacuumed part of the house on Monday, a typically windy winter's day, and tipped out the canister of dust into the bin.  I would usually tip it into a plastic bag first (I collect an awful lot of plastic shopping bags, hanging head in shame) and then put the whole bag in the bin.

Well, I have learned that I need to not toss dusty dog hair and all those other bits of allergen nasties loose into a bin on a windy day.  I have had bad sinuses for 4 days now.  Others in my family have colds but I don't have the muscles aches or the sore throat before onset of other symptoms so I am pretty sure my mucous overload was due to allergies.

Some things I have worked out that have eased the sinus pressure and the headaches and grogginess.

1. Cold air to breathe as much as possible.  I need to be warmly rugged up but I breathe better outside and the best was when I was at the beach last night with the wind whipping up the surf.  I have even been sleeping with my bedroom window open on nights where the temperature has been dropping to 8 and 9 degrees C overnight so I can breathe and sleep.

2. Warm steamy showers as soon as I get up to clear sinuses.  It doesn't work if I only put my head over a steamy bowl.  And if I warm my hands and put them on my sinuses it really seems to relieve the pressure feeling.

3. Reducing exposure, which is quite weird because I am allergic to grass but I feel better outside.  Don't get that one. In future though I am going to wear a mask while dusting or emptying vacuum canisters and on days I know it will be bad for grass I will wear a mask to hang out washing.

4. Healthy diet to increase ability to cope with the overload.  I have noticed that the sugar hits I use to get myself through the tiredness actually increase the mucous in my throat.  I need to eat healthier.  Ironically yoghurt, a dairy product and a "mucous producer" is not causing me any issues.  Maybe I don't have dairy intolerances.  Loads of vegetables do help. 

5. Don't stop taking medication that works.  And I am adding on Fenugreek or Fennel tea every day as they are both good for mucous membranes.  Sinuses and the digestive tract.  There could be good bonuses for my bloaty tummy.

I am getting a much clearer head now.  I am able to analyse what happens instead of just sitting here feeling totally wiped out and depressed.  It is ironic how pushing myself to do housework when feeling bad has actually helped give me feedback on what works.  Gotta love how G-d plans these things!  lol

Well, housework to do, as always, so see you later.

Best wishes


  1. Jen, have you ever tried going gluten free? I cut out bread and pasta for just a few days and felt so much more awake, not tired and groggy. Bloated tummy issues also went away. I saw results in just a few days and now I am totally gluten free and have energy and a clear mind in a way I didn't think possible!

    1. Meg, certainly something I have considered but I am a little too attached to my cakes and slices to give them up. Maybe one day!


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