Monday, August 13, 2012

Self Discipline

I am learning what self discipline is... it's the habit of making choices in each and every moment of taking actions that are in line with your goals. 

I always thought self discipline was more about grit/determination/something hard, but I am realising that making choices is easy.  I am always making choices, just sometimes it might be to stay up late even though I know it will make the next day hard to manage, or to eat the leftovers just because they are there even though it means my weight will continue to be in the overweight zone instead of the healthy zone.  I can choose to mull over something so much it causes me a huge amount of anguish or I can choose to let it go and do what I can now, in this moment.

Self discipline is not about gritting my teeth, it is about having a clear vision of what I want my life to be and then picking the choices in every moment that make it easier to be what I want.  If  I "made a bad choice" in the last moment it doesn't have to dictate the choice I make in the next moment.  I can put myself back on track towards my goals at any moment because I have the power to choose how I act and react to my world.

Over time I am hoping that making choices in alignment with my bigger picture of my life and the lives I am involved in becomes easier, a habit if you like.  Right now I am not going to kick myself over the choices I have made in the past.  I choose to move on, to make a different choice.

I choose a better life, one of my vision, not of blah!

Best wishes

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  1. What a great resolution! I have found that establishing very simple routines, so I don't have to make choices, but just do my 'next thing' every day works for me. For me, choices are fatal, because I always choose to lie on the couch and read!


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