Thursday, September 6, 2012

That Time of Year Again!

Can I please be different to everyone else and say I would prefer the dreariness of Winter over the springing of Spring?  This is the time of year I hate as the winds whip up, blowing dust and pollen everywhere and the weather warms up making grass happy and my sinuses block up quickly so that I can't breathe and am too tired to think.

Well, I guess there is one "good" thing about this season this year over past years.  I am aware that I will be totally useless unless I keep on top of my symptoms.  I am well stocked on sinus tissue salts and Coke.  Coke?! you may ask.  For some reason I haven't been able to figure out Coke, the brand name stuff (drat it!), kicks a sinus headache within a few mouthfuls and clears phlegm if I have it.  I have tried the cheaper brands but they just don't do it. 

I am not a soft drink drinker at all.  Even as a kid I preferred juice or mineral water with juice.  Now I have a fridge with Coke in it and a bulk box of them ready to go.  I hate the bubbles but I hate the headaches even more.  At least it is safer than most over the counter remedies for a breastfeeding mother.

School has been going well otherwise.  The house... not so well.   But most homeschooling mothers would understand that.  :-)

I hope your spring is doing you more good than mine.

Best wishes

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  1. I used to have that problem - mine was early fall, but same story - then, for reasons I don't entirely remember, I went off all dairy (very strict) for a couple of years. No trouble at all, while I was off of all dairy - and it hasn't been as bad since. I can't say it would work for everyone, but it was so remarkable that if I ever go back to getting persistent, nasty sinus infections every fall, I will do it again, so... well, it might be worth trying.


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