Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Socialising Mum

After many years of whinging about having no friends, and staying home an awful lot, I started a homeschool activity at my local PCYC.  I live in a small town in a big region, and while it seems others can travel further for activities I have found it too disruptive to both my time and my budget to attend many of these activities.

It has been scary in a way as a mum who has been kid focused for so many years to stick my neck out and arrange this activity, but you know what, it has been worth  it!  I am meeting new people, my kids are getting to play with kids their own ages (yup, an activity that suits all my boys from 4 to almost 14), it isn't costing me the earth in fuel or time or activity costs, and I think we may just be creating a new vibe in this town of just how many homeschoolers are out there and that we are a pretty nice group of people, not members of some weird hippy commune.

I am very grateful to the homeschoolers who have supported "my" activity so far and I am also grateful to my local PCYC for their acceptance of our group for an activity in a way that has made it easy to organise and keep going for a second term.  I really hope we can do this for quite some time as our town really needs it's homeschooling voice to be heard and we all need some local support ourselves in this very different adventure of life.

Best wishes


  1. That sounds great Jen! I have always valued the friendships and educational opportunities among the local home schooling families.

  2. That's so great. It is definitely something I am missing, living in this town of 120 people. Makes me appreciate the homeschool community that we had back home (and plan to move back to someday).


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