Thursday, June 21, 2012

Recent owies!

I will accept any kiss betters, as long as they don't involve long hugs... not really a hugger!

My ankle - twisted just before Mother's Day.
My ankle with bruising that spread across the top too in a lovely shade of green.

My right arm, burnt by hot oil while making doughnuts on Tuesday.

Hot oil splashes up my arm when making doughnuts.

And the underside of my wrist where oil splashed up.

And doesn't that blister on the side of my wrist look gross!?

I am thinking I shouldn't do anything except surf for the next week.  lol  I don't think the kids and dh could handle having to do it all.  Love 'em but not housewife material yet.

Best wishes


  1. No, don't surf!! Unless it's in cyberspace, lol. Those burns look very painful. Keep safe :)

  2. Blog surfing only okay. You need to wear lots of padding to go into the surf and would be very cold. Hope it all heals soon. That looks nasty.

  3. I was also going to suggest Internet surfing like The other ladies lol:) take it easy....


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