Monday, July 16, 2012

Lapbooking Adventures Pt 1

Well, today I realised that there are only 11 days until the Olympics.  I have always wanted to do a lapbook with my boys, especially Jackson as he is my arty crafty one.  Harry would be pretty happy to do one too as he is very accepting of any of my efforts.

So this year we are doing it.  Jackson would be 14 when the next Olympics come around and I think he could be a bit old for lapbooking.  Also this year the head coach of his trampolining club has been invited to judge at the Olympics.  Wow!  So good to be involved with a group which has such great leadership and great students too.  Maybe thinking that he could see his head coach on TV will inspire him!

Anyway all that aside, I have spent a good chunk of today cutting out the bits for The Ancient Olympics book.  I now have bruises in places I didn't know bruises could form.  lol

My plan is to do this one before the Olympics start and then, depending on our enjoyment level (and my patience in cutting little things out), we will do the 2012 Olympics lapbook while the Olympics are on.  Of course we may just end up watching and using any of the other myriad of free resources available on line to track medal counts, learn about events, and the countries involved.  Yup, lots of fun to be had!

What are you doing for the Olympics?

Best wishes

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  1. Ooh Jen, those lapbooks are extremely cheap and I might just give them a go too. Ds1 and ds3 might not mind doing something like this together.


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