Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Spring Cleaning Day 2

Inside microwave - done
__ Pantry shelves
Walls - done down to bench height except near oven
__ Windows
__ Window sills and frames
__ Exhaust fan filters
__ Stove top
__ Bench tops
__ Under sink
__ Appliances cupboard
__ Oven
__ Floor
__ Rubbish bin

Hmm, not a lot done this time.  I did have a busy day though.  My eldest and I fold and deliver junk mail so a lot of time was taken up by that.  I also did 2 large sinkfuls of dishes, oops, catch up time, and dispatched one sickly female rat, thankfully immature.  I hate dispatching babies and always pray as I do any of it, nasty task that it is.

Better day tomorrow,

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