Monday, September 5, 2011

Spring Cleaning Day 1 Achievements

Wash curtains - deferred, done recently
Ceiling - done
Light fitting - done
Outside of microwave - done
Spice shelf - done
Top of fridge - done
__ Inside microwave
__ Pantry shelves
Walls - done down to bench height except near oven
__ Windows
__ Window sills and frames
Exhaust fan outside - done
__ Exhaust fan filters
__ Stove top
__ Bench tops
__ Under sink
__ Appliances cupboard
__ Oven
__ Floor
__ Rubbish bin
Curtains - see top of list

I use Enjo for all my cleaning.  Especially after  a recent experience with bleach.

I must admit to being a bit casual about how I dilute bleach and this one time I had just sploshed a bit in a container of warm water.  I started cleaning a door with lots of hand prints and found it was working great but because I had blocked sinuses due to my grass allergy I couldn't smell how strong the mixture was.  I ended up bleaching all the little hairs off my hands, so much so that a half hour of keeping my hands under running water didn't alleviate the pain.  It took days to heal all the little burns.

Today I have been using my 2 kitchen gloves in the most part.  For the last few areas I used a multipurpose cloth so I will be interested to see if I notice any difference long term on the ceiling.  The one thing I find challenging with using Enjo is remembering to wipe in a circular fashion instead of in straight strokes.  The gloves really do work better if you change the direction you use it often.  And wiping the area dry after with an old cloth nappy is important too.

My kitchen walls are looking a lot less dull, and even though I can still see where someone has done some paint patching in the past it is nice to know I have done what I can to make it look better.

A little tip for the top of the fridge - I line it with a toweling bath mat, much like those you might get in cheap motel chains.  I then sit a basket on top with all my wraps and plastic bags etc.  The bath mat lets the basket slide off easily when I am reaching up to get into it and also keeps that horrible dusty kitchen grease at bay.

Best wishes

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