Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Is this a typical school photo?

Me thinks not!

Homeschooling is much more relaxed than school so please know before you view this photo of all my boys that - yes, one is still in his pyjamas at 11am and, yes, the baby dressed himself in yesterday's dirty clothes. 

My biggest kid in bright blue is 12, almost 13 years old and likes to remind me he is taller than me.  Jack in red is 9.5 years old and loves to play tricks on Mama.  Harry is 6.5 years old and cute as a button.  Don't try to cuddle him too much though.  He squirms.  And the littlest guy, well, Griffin is 3 and is cute today but that could change at any moment.

And in the background we have most of my books.  I love Anne McCaffrey, keeping old books from my grandfather's era and the school book section is always messy as I actually get to read and use those books whereas I haven't read a fiction book for well over 2 years.

Best wishes


  1. I have one that is usually in his pajamas until mid-afternoon. I've been known to tell him that 36 hours is the limit for wearing any clothes.

  2. PJs and bookcases! Love it - what a fantastic school photo :-)


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