Saturday, January 18, 2014

Jamie Oliver's Lamb Roast

Well, last week we did JO's Mothership Lamb Roast.  Leftovers became Lamb Pastilla and Lamb burritos.  Leftovers were not as much as the pork roast.

Funnily enough the weekly grocery spend was not very big last week due to using leftover roast chicken from Christmas and the carcass in a risotto from Jamie's book and some leftover pork becoming a stir fry.  I have one chicken carcass left in the freezer but all the other leftovers have been used up now.  Still, it did make a huge difference to the bill having 2 meals here already.

This coming week I am trying the beef roast but I have found out that beef brisket is not a common cut in Australia at the butchers.  Apparently it is meat just off the outside of the ribs and is usually made straight into sausages.  The old duckies would roll it, corn it and roast it but there aren't too many requesting it anymore.  I have found a local butcher who will cut it for me and will cost me $8.99/kg.  I think I will make friends with him and get all my roasts through him.  Jamie actually suggests this as a good way to know what is cheap to buy and how to best cook it.

I would normally cook my roast on Saturday night so that hubby can have a roast roll for lunch on Sunday but it has been stinking hot so I will do it tomorrow when, hopefully, it is cooler.  A little bit!

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