Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Cooking with Pork Roast leftovers

I am trying more of Jamie Oliver's ideas from "Save with Jamie". 

Last Sunday I cooked his Pork Mothership Roast.  I used a leg instead of a shoulder so it didn't take quite as long to cook, thank goodness I was checking it regularly.

There has been a huge amount of leftover meat.  So far we have had BBQ Pulled Pork with Waffles and Slaw.  Well, I changed the waffles to a slab of toasted sour dough bread, but otherwise the only other change I made to his recipe was to reduce the chilli factor.  There aren't too many chilli fans here.  The kids didn't like the slaw at all.  I wasn't surprised, after all cabbage, mint and chilli aren't common ingredients in our meals.  I loved it.  There was a good amount of leftover slaw so I have been adding it to any meal I can for myself.  It was great on a sandwich with onion relish and corned silverside.

Today we tried Banh Mi rolls.  Again on sourdough but that was too "chewy" for most of us.  The normal bread was much better.  The surprise here was the pate on the bread.  No one liked pate on its own but were okay with it in their sandwich.  When reheating the pork Jamie would have had us add chilli but I added a dash of sweet chilli sauce instead.  Even then there were runs for water and dollops of sour cream added.  lol  Definitely not a family used to lively food.

There is still a good amount of slaw left as well as almost 1kg of pork.  Dh and I have decided we will cut up the pork, add some egg noodles and the slaw and put it inside a pastry shell along the lines of pasties or peroshki.  We figure that they can then go in the freezer for reheating on those days we get stuck.  If there is still pork left after that I am thinking of trying this recipe for Jhal Farazi.

My goodness, these roasts go a long way.  Think about it though, I am paying less or the same price per kg as mince but not having as much fat and for my carnivores the meat stays more obvious.  :-)

Best wishes

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