Friday, April 19, 2013

Socialisation of Schooled Children

From pg 19 of Homeschooling Review 1 October 2003 published by Qld Government, which was before the Education Act was changed to be more accommodating for home education.


One of the more popular myths about home schooling is that children who do not attend regular schooling are not socially developed and do not mature into confident well-balanced individuals. While there is an absence of detailed Australian research on this matter, there is much research in the United States of America and studies archived at the US-based Home School Legal Defence Association in Oregon. This research is broadly applicable to Australia.

In summary, researchers have found home schooled children are as well socialised as students educated in traditional State and non-State schools. Boyer ("The Socialisation Trap", 1993) researched the social stratification of children in schools by the lock-step age and grade approach to schooling. He concluded that by the time children are teenagers, they have little idea how to socialise with anyone outside of their peer group because of this approach to education.

The highlighted part gave me a good laugh this morning. With all sarcasm intended, Is that really what they want to happen?   Is this type of socialisation within the school system so terrific that it is the reason so many send their children to school?  And getting this type of socialisation is why I shouldn't homeschool my children?  Huh?!   Think about it guys!

Off to learn more about teaching writing.  Gee, maths is so much easier than parts of speech and grammar.  Yuk!

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  1. I've read "The Socialisation Trap" by Rick Boyer and it's one of my favourites on socialisation.

    I always say a couple of hours in a playground watching schooled and homeschooled children play gives all the information a person needs about socialisation. Homeschooled children seek out others (regardless of age, colour, ability, gender etc) to play with in the playground and are best buddies by the time they are ready to leave. Schooled children don't. At least that's been my experience.

    And why is it that society is more worried about socialisation than academics. That makes me laugh. What a crazy upside down world. :)


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