Wednesday, April 3, 2013

School Days Term 1

So, an update on the boys at school!  The eldest has had issues with personal organisation.  I got him a binder with 2 pockets, one for things going to school and the other for things coming home.  It has helped a lot to avoid the whole crumpled papers in the bag buried under yesterday's lunch box problem, but he really needs to remember to check the pockets fully when he can't find his homework book. :-(

His desk is also a mess and it seems he may holding up the class at times while he tries to find papers or books for the next lesson.  I suggested a basket similar to what I use at home with books behind a divider and loose papers in front.  His teacher has approved it, although he did express concerns at Jackson being different to everyone else and possibly getting teased.  I had asked Jackson before spending any money if he had more concerns about being teased or about being behind all the time.  He is getting teased anyway for the mess he has his desk in so he figures teasing for being different is worth the risk.  The teacher is going to make space for the basket on his shelf near his desk and will change where Jackson sits so he can get to his books and papers more easily.  Also the teacher joked that at least he will see more of him than just the top of his head all the time as he digs around under his desk looking for books or papers.  :-)

My younger one is doing well in his class I think.  I will be seeing his teacher next week to just chat, see what he is doing.  I think he has surprised her sometimes.  He was asking/telling her about negative numbers the other day and she said that he won't do them until high school.  Well, I tested him and he can do simple addition and subtractions with negative numbers like -2+5 and -5+2.  Hmm, fun!!  I certainly haven't taught them although apparently dh has had a discussion or two with him about them.

I would love to have the boys home again but we are all learning from this experience at the moment.  My teen at home is learning that he Can Do his work if he just focuses, and he will get rewarded.  I am learning from the teachers at school how to occupy kids who finish quickly and how to deal with disorganised students.  I hadn't realised that these issues were part of our problems at home so this has been really helpful.

Otherwise the whole experience has been good.  Expensive, but good!  I would rather spend $300 on books than school uniforms and shoes but that is me (and probably most other homeschool mums!).

Best wishes

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  1. This was a really interesting post for me to read Jen! I can relate to much of what you're talking about, having transitioned from homeschool to classroom school as well (especially your comment about books vs uniforms! ;)) Glad to hear the boys are settling in well.


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