Monday, November 12, 2012

Home to Public School - 78 days to go

Hubby and I are strongly considering putting all our boys in public school next year.  As I consider this I want to "nut out" all my fears and thoughts on this idea.

So far my biggest concerns are that my 10 year old is likely to be "behind" so he will have some struggles with work until he catches up, my 14 year old is a typical teenager thinking he knows everything and he will be in for a severe shock, and I am worried that my little 4.5 year old may cope with being away from me. Sob!

I am going to call the schools today and find out the procedure.  Bit scary having to deal with public servants who will likely think they are better than me, and with regards to education do know a lot more than me, but I know my boys and I would say I have done better than they would have with regards to shaping their character and morals.

Best wishes


  1. That is a tough one. Weighing up all the considerations is not easy for parents who have worked hard to build certain character and attitude. Work wise I am sure they will all be fine!

  2. Thought you may be encouraged by this post

  3. Thanks Mrs B. Good read and took me on some lovely rabbit trails.



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