Monday, October 22, 2012

Peek a Boo!

Yup, it's me!  I am still here.  Just not posting much as life has been much busier.

As if being a homeschooling mum of 4 and dropping junk mail twice weekly wasn't enough I have also taken on a few Avon territories.  It isn't easy juggling the needs and wants of a family this size on an average single income.  I am very grateful for the extra money the Australian government gives to families but still I want to do more for my family.

I used to do Avon years ago and did very well with it.  Even though I have definitely had to improve my time management skills and it can be a lot of work I am very happy to be back selling their great products.  And I am getting more exercise.  Yay!

With my extra work load it seems I am getting better at prioritising and we have "found" time to go camping.  We found a great National Park just an hour away on a large lake that is safely shallow for the kids to play.  It isn't very costly, about $25/ night.  The costly part is gradually buying all the bits of equipment that are needed because the esky you use for picnics doesn't cut it for a 3 day camping trip and 6 people need a bigger barbecue than the one we bought back when our family was only 3.5 people.  I am also needing to cook ahead as I am really not a barbecue all week kind of girl.

On the school front things are improving.  I still need to get a bit more gumption in making sure the boys are not slacking off in their work but we are definitely doing better than a year ago.

So that is my update, hope to back again soon.

Best wishes


  1. It will be worth it to invest in the gear if you make the effort and go camping fairly often. We have always been the same and therefore didn't do the camping thing and I regret it :-(
    Have a great week.

  2. I sold Avon years ago too, it's good extra money!


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