Sunday, October 28, 2012

Keeping busy with my Avon

I have done Avon a few times over the years.  The first time was when my eldest was about 2 years old and I remember putting him into the backpack and delivering books.  It was much harder with him on my back to pick up books but I think my customers must have noticed because I would often find my books on window sills or on top of wheelie bins. :-)  I made President's Club in my first 15 months that time.

The second time I did a very small territory in a small town with 3 children, 1 in a pram, and no footpaths.  That was certainly "fun".  It was a great way to meet people though.

Now, my 4th time, I am doing essentially 3 suburbs.  It is harder and easier with 4 children.  With my oldest being 14 years old I can leave the kids at home together (easier) and go out in the afternoon or early evening to do my Avon.   At home though I now have the responsibility and care of 6 people and the education of 3 (harder).  That takes some juggling and time management.

I am glad of those previous years of experience though.  I have a method that it has been easy enough to re-implement and things are going well.

My first campaign was good, over $800 sales, but a lot of profit went on purchasing enough catalogues to cover at least 2 suburbs well so only $60 in my bank account.  My second campaign looks like having sales of $1400 but again in this busy lead up to Christmas I need to make sure I have catalogues.  I think I could end up with about $300 profit for 3 weeks work. 

I am quite pleased with that amount of earnings.  Avon is much more flexible than working at a supermarket so I am glad to have this option.  And it looks like I will make President's Club again, which means free lunch some time down the track and presentations of awards.  I like that bit!  lol

Best wishes

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