Friday, January 27, 2012

My changing perspective on education!

I am realising that education shouldn't be about what we learn but how we learn.  I quite like my lists, checking them off and finishing a book/program.  It gives me an end goal that is measurable.

Checking off on a list the skills that dictate how we learn is not so easy.  I can make lists of experiences or follow a curriculum that "should" teach my children how to learn but it is really up to their innate nature if or when they "catch" the skills to learn.

I have been reading more about unschooling and found this wonderful post called "Some Thoughts on Unschooling" at Marvelous Kiddo.  Reading all the comments I have seen my questions and concerns voiced and answered.

My perspective has changed.  I am still wanting my kids to be educated in a structured way but I feel that I am doing them a disservice by having this as their only learning experience.  I am going to be negotiating with them on getting our structured school done quickly in the morning and allowing them the freedom to pursue their own interests in the afternoon.  I may even nominate a day for each child, ask them what interests them and drag everyone off to learn about that.  It could mean a visit to the library, the beach, a park, an art gallery, basically whatever rocks their boat.

I am also going to look into some curriculum ideas that are more hands on with no worksheets, that inspire them to think, to see how the world works.  I know of a science curriculum like this and I think I could really do with adding some more art and music too.

Best wishes

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  1. Awesome :) we try to do exactly that, and with 5 kids in the house, they all have "their" day. We've had a LOT of ups and downs this last yeAr, and almost no structure or routine, and it is stunning how much they have picked up by them selves!! Children are seriously amazing :)


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