Friday, January 20, 2012

Life as we know it, Jen!

Does anyone else remember that song?  Star Trekkin' ... slowly going forward, things are getting worse!  lol

I definitely had to show my kids that YouTube, after all their cultural education would not be complete without Star Trek and Star Wars, would it?  Oh, and Grease, and Labyrinth, and The Never Ending Story.

Ahh, the good ol' days.  Can't even trust Disney movies these days.

Anyway back to our scheduled post.

The boys have been going to a morning holiday activity put on by a local church this week.  They love it each year.  Even my 13 year old has been enjoying it.  He is so quiet though that he finds it easier to relate to the girls than the boys.  The others are loving the craft and games.  Overall a good event for them all, and free.

We have also bought ourselves a pool, only 12 foot across and about 2 foot deep but quite good for getting cool and having a little exercise anytime we want.  Of course the security for it cost more than the pool itself but having a secure gate and back door are very important when you have little ones.

Rosie the chook is recovering well.  Her crop is not getting so stuck.  It seems I do still need to massage it at least 3 times a day to keep things moving along but I don't mind.  Chasing her around each time (why she can't just come like a dog when I call her I don't know!) gives me some exercise and amusement anyway.

We had to move a bookshelf to get to some Telstra wiring the other day so while one was empty I thought I may as well empty all my shelves and paint them white.  They are Billy bookcases from Ikea that I bought about 12 years and are still going strong.  Couldn't say the same for the Billy bookcase I got about 3 years ago.  They were a dark red brown but we needed to lighten up the room so white they will be.

It could take me a few more days to get them finished so there are boxes all over the place filled with books.  Bit messy but then you do have to break some eggs to make an omelet as they say.

Best wishes


  1. Love that song!!! And those movies! We have had to show the kids the Dark Crystal, the Goonies, War Games and the original Tron!!! I might have to do chooks soon - you are inspiring me.

  2. Curious to know why the 12 yo Billys are better than the new ones. Am currently considering new bookcases, and would like to know your experience.

  3. Jeanne, we must have passed each other on the "web-road" this morning. I have just been reading over at your blog too.

    The old Billy bookcases were covered with a veneer while the new one, which is white, seems to painted with trims on the edges glued on. I wonder if that has made a difference to allowing moisture into the chipboard. Other than that I couldn't say.

    The older ones have had more climate changes, from Brisbane to Hobart to Launceston to Dorrigo to Hunter Valley. I thought they would have been compromised long ago. We have decided to screw them entirely together now. We used to dismantle them for each move but some of the joints are getting a little loose after all the undoing and redoing.

    My biggest big of advice - Never, Ever allow anyone to stick the bundles of shelves together with moving tape so they won't get lost. It has taken a lot of elbow grease to remove all the sticky residue left behind before painting.

    Good luck with your purchasing. I think Ikea will be a good place to start for getting furniture together but with the book load our homeschooling shelves get you (and I) will probably need to consider solid wood shelves down the track. For now the flexibility of shelf spaces would be handy until I finally decide on getting solid shelves.

    Best wishes

  4. Tron was a fave in our house well before Tron Legacy came out. I've been working my way through old musicals. The boys complained about The Sound of Music at the start but then got completely absorbed, so much so that it has prompted an interest in many other things to do with WW2. I've also caught ds1 watching West Side Story on his own!


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