Friday, November 25, 2011

The latest news!

So we are getting a second car.  The Landcruiser that my dh had been wanting since forever has been a gas guzzler and with prices only going up it was time to consider a second vehicle for the everyday running around.  I have always found the Landcruiser to be, well... to be totally honest, absolutely useless for grocery shopping.  When you are shopping for 6 and would prefer to only go shopping once a fortnight the space in the rear is pitiful.  Even for a week it is a squeeze.

I am hoping to get an old Tarago/Spacia for myself.  I love the space inside and it will only be a 4 cyclinder so a lot better for running costs.

Unplugging from PCs and the other electronic entertainment devices has been working lots better here.  We are getting more school done but I think my teenager could do with firmer boundaries.  He is likely to quickly pop on my computer to play Minecraft if he gets an opportunity even if he has been told game over and to turn off the kids' computer.  Very frustrating!

I am finding that even if I have time off the computer that some days are still sluggish for me.  I think this may be due to not getting enough sleep and also due to bad snacking choices.  I am working on getting to bed earlier and will be making sure that there are some healthier snacks available with my next grocery shop.

My sluggish days also seem to coincide with mostly carb breakfasts.  I have some favourite egg meals and if I am having them more often for breakfast I can handle a carb morning tea without a crash later.  Some of my favaourite egg breakfasts are Country Breakfast Casserole, dinosaur eggs (Scotch Eggs?), Dutch Apple Baby, and Scrambled eggs with sausages/bacon and toast.

I have also learnt that if I have not done the preparation for the whole week that my days fall apart very quickly.  Our weekends have been busy so I thought I would create worksheets, photocopy pages and compile our lists on the fly during the week.  Not so easy!  I will be doing a lot, and I mean a lot, of printing, copying, stapling, writing and overall getting ready for school next week over this weekend.

Well, I guess that is it for now.  I haven't had much of a chance to drop by anyone's blogs so I hope you are all well.  Maybe once I have my "new" car I will be able to just sit back a little and look around, while printing pages of course!  lol

Best wishes

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  1. Yea, we got a smaller car a couple of years ago 1.8 litre compared to a 3.9 litre and our fuel bill was cut in half! been quite busy here too to spend in blog land, I guess it's that time of year....


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