Friday, January 20, 2017

Bullet Journal My Way

While I don't like lots of structure that might limit me (good bye to all those preformatted diaries and homeschool planners) and I don't like wasting resources (goodbye to dated planners which I miss chunks in) I have realised that I would much prefer to write down my days than to rely on electronic resources that usually are more flexible and less wasteful than paper planners.

There are some lovely bullet journals out there. I am not that artistic but I am learning that a little colour really helps me to smile.

As I have said I don't like being held to one style of layout or size of space so I don't draw up my days, weeks or months in advance.  My bullet journal is definitely a mood thing, whatever space I need is the space I use. :)

I usually add the colour later.  And I only create the headings that suit my day.  A very personalised way to journal.

Some days are more list based and others are more journal like.  The blank pages are so freeing.  I can do whatever suits me.

I used to cross off the completed items but then I decided I wanted to be able to read them so I started ticking them or putting a smiley face and then I cross off the incomplete ones as I move them on.

Because I dread losing all these entries (I have lost a paper journal before and I fear coffee spills) I scan them into OneNote then put tags beside the page when there is something written there that I may want to reference later.  I scan them as images as they are easier to crop and my books are 3/4 A4 pages.

Anyway, that is my way to bullet journal.

Best wishes

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