Tuesday, October 14, 2014

It is finally happening!

It has been a long 12 weeks but we have finally found a house, not easy when you live interstate and your husband is working so he can't take much time off to house hunt.

I think it will be good but it is hard to tell when all I have seen is videos and real estate photos.

Now to get on with the huge to do list.

Sometime after we settle I may update you all with my list of dos and don'ts for moving.  It has been a long time, over 7.5 years in fact, since we last moved but I am hoping I remember all the important bits.

Anyway, lots to do.  Hope everyone is keeping well.

And Jo, I will get to that filing, I promise!  Here is how it looks right now.

Yup, scary!!

Best wishes
Jen, soon to be "home"

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  1. Hi there! Well you asked about 'fostering' hunger for learning. With my kids, it comes and goes - but mainly because I don't have video games, TVs, computer, ipads or anything out for their constant use. I put those things in a safe during the weekdays (yep a safe). Therefore, I do believe that since they can't play video games, on the computer, watch tons of TV, they are open to doing other things. So yes, you can foster eagerness for learning when they don't have other distractions around. Lastly, I introduce them to topics once a month. Then ask them if they want to explore it more - but I find 'fun' interactive ways to do it - with their input by prompting them with questions. So for instance my 10 year old got interested in computer programming when I purchased Tynker.com for him and had him present his games created to the family on Friday's. Now he does it totally on his own and researched their other offerings (himself!) then emailed me to request an extension on his membership. Also, I find - playing with your kids and creating with them works well also. We do art together and have dad or sister judge our Art contest.


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