Friday, June 13, 2014

Feeling like a Real Uni Student

I am starting to feel like a real uni student after my adventure into the deep dark depths of the closest university's rare and collectible books section.  Oh boy did I have fun?!!  I got to look over some very inspiring floor plans for an Australian architect.  I also got to peer through glass cabinet doors at books on education from long ago.  Wouldn't you love to read how they used to teach English almost 100 years ago, or trigonometry or read records of Australia's history right back to 1800s.  Oh I just drooled and said I would be back for a little light reading sometime soon!  ;-)

Another bit of news about uni - got my marks back for my first subject, Critical Thinking!  88% High distinction!  Yay, I do still have brain cells that work!

Best wishes

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