Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Planning ahead relaxes me, go figure!

I know it doesn't suit everyone but planning ahead really relaxes me.

Sure, I know that planning what my youngest will be studying in 2025 may be a bit big on the scale of forward planning but I am now feeling a lot more confident about the boys' future homeschooling.  I can also see how I can combine the boys, and at 3 years apart in age that is not an easy task, and I can see when I will need to be planning new purchases.

I am keeping the core of history and science the same for all the boys even if studied at different stages.  That will mean reusing a lot of my purchases 3 times over.  That is good value!

And here are those plans in way too much detail.  If you are an experienced homeschooler please laugh!!  And if you are not an experienced homeschooler please know that this is not the recommended way of planning, unless of course it relaxes you to plan, but please let it go after you have planned it all out.  Life never really happens the way I plan a whole lot of the time and I have learned to go with the flow.

See, all a bit much but I do love the other spreadsheet that links to these and gives me each year so I can see where I can combine children.  Ahh, a planner's delight!

Yes, you can giggle!

Best wishes

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  1. :) You're not alone in this. I have a very sketchy, always changing spreadsheet of K-12 for my two children ... listing the ages and supposed grade of my two children for each year listed, and core resources for several subjects. Once it's on paper I can stop worrying that something will be forgotten, and I am free to change it ... at least I can see that xyz will fit in somewhere, so it isn't something I need to stress over. I need to work on the relaxing my brain part, but the spreadsheet helps keep some of tomorrow's concerns on the page and out of my head.


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