Saturday, September 21, 2013

And yet again sinuses!

I have been trying to keep an analytical mind about my sinus issues instead of folding into a little tired depressed bundle. 

Over the last week I have realised that changes in weather like a warm sunny day after rainy days is a trigger just as are dreary days just after a patch of sunny days.  Why?  I don't know!

Also, even though I really want to hide inside my foggy, mouth breathing, headache, I have realised that getting out for some exercise, a good walk or even just hanging out the washing is enough to clear the blocked feeling a bit.  Very weird considering that means exposing myself to more grass.  Go figure!

The coke is still working for clearing a headache but doesn't clear out the sinuses.  Don't know why, will just go with the flow there.

I also need to stay on top of blowing my nose.  A lot!  I have soft tissues TG.  And I am now taking 3 herbal allergy tablets twice a day with 2 at lunch time instead of the 2 twice a day I used to do.  Hopefully that helps more too.

Overall the biggest factor in my health, both physical and mental, seems to be my mental attitude.  Ack!  It means I have to be self disciplined to do what works and not just wallow in the fog.  Not so easy for this lazy girl.

Best wishes
(And yes, I know, antihistamines would be an easy solution but have you read the potential side effects list on those, and read up on the long term use risks?  Not for me!)

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  1. Hi Jen,
    I just discovered the amazing properties of vinegar to help a sore throat I found that it seemed to clear all of my passages quite well. I googld it later and found that a lot of people find it effective. Have you ever tried it?? Hope that you are feeling better soon.


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