Friday, July 12, 2013

Recovering from a Tablet Crash!

My tips:

- Use apps that have an online backup service.  In the ideal situation it would be nice if all your apps with important data have a PC version also but it isn't always that way.

- Find out how the backup works and use it appropriately.  One of my apps has a back up service but needs to be synced manually for instance.  Another syncs only when you open the app, not a widget.   And another syncs automatically when it pleases.

- If TWLauncher for an Android device is the problem we found it possible to still get into the settings menu, attach the tablet to a computer via USB and save the whole drive across to the PC.  Bit tricky, in that my PC wouldn't recognise my Samsung tablet at all, but my hubby's PC did recognise it, although as a camera.

- Put things back on slowly.  At least 12 hours usage with every batch of additions before adding on more items.

- Learn about why it may have crashed in the first place so you don't do it again (hopefully!).  My best resources were
 It seems my biggest issue may have been too many fingers (games the kids keep playing over each other's shoulders), too many downloaded apps then deleted still leaving a footprint, and not allowing an app to fully install, possibly leaving "corrupt" files behind.

Well, if this wasn't interesting to you, it is at least a record for me of where to go get help if I ever have a problem again. :-)

Best wishes

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