Monday, July 4, 2011

Busy days just like the blog says

Sorry I haven't posted for a while.  As part of my new "exercise" regime I have taken on a walking job delivering junk mail to a suburb very close to me.  It takes up about 2 hours each day except Thursday with folding and then delivering in 2 batches.

The boys are helping me and are happy to be earning some money.  We have a rule about splitting their earnings 3 ways, 1/3 to a very long term savings account (for when they are in their 20s), 1/3 to a short term savings account (for something like a hi-tech item or the like), and 1/3 to cash.  My 12 year old is itching to buy an iPod Touch.  Wonder if he will have the stamina and patience!

My 9 year old also had a competition this weekend in Dubbo for gymnastics.  He did very well, getting second over all and I could see that he had definitely improved on some of his apparatus.  The pommel horse is not his strong area but he improved by a point this time over his last (and first ever comp) back in April.

Even though it is officially winter holidays here we will be continuing on with school for these next 2 weeks, restarting tomorrow.  It is really too cold to do anything outside and we have gotten a bit behind where I would like us to be.

I will hopefully post pictures later today.

Best wishes

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